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11.09.2020 : How to further improve thermal properties?

GFP is adding aluminium sheets in the building and on the facade.

04.09.2020 : How soaking the rain contributes to reducing flooding?

We spoke to Thomas Leroy, exterior works manager CBL SA, about the environmental impact of our buildings:

« As we develop our cities, we replace forests and meadows with buildings and pavement. And when it rains, the stormwater runs off roofs and driveways into the street. In Buzz, we soak up the rain, keeping rain closer to where it falls. Reducing runoff helps prevent water pollution, reduce flooding, and protect our drinking water resources. We also help beautify our neighborhood and bring many other benefits to our communities »

04.09.2020 – Did you know that horizontal circulation encourages interaction and teamwork?

In Buzz, we’re building walkways to increase interactivity and community creation.

26.08.2020 Team Nature ? Luxembourg countryside view

What’s your office view ?

19.08.2020 Why opt for a climate ceiling?

from Interalu : « In Buzz, we use Climate Easy ceiling. On top of being energy efficient, it creates an ideal combination using water pumps or other sustainable forms of energy. »

12.08.2020 Annick de Meel country Manager of Fidentia Real Estate Investments S.A. is summarizing Buzz in three key words: «Accessibility, flexibility and visibility».

29.07.2020 How to design buildings tailored for people while meeting sustainable requirements?

Buzz includes perforated slated active and reversible suspended ceilings (warm/cold) with integrated lighting.

22.07.2020 How about joining an office with a stunning view ?

Make an appointment with JLL Luxembourg to design your own office.

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Quatre immeubles de bureaux pour Buzz à Leudelange

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