Fidentia presents


Work spaces available for rent from 412 to 12 933 m2

Fidentia presents


Work spaces available for rent from 412 to 12 933 m2

At the gates of Luxembourg

In Leudelange, at the heart of the new
Economic hub « AM BANN »

Leudelange benefits from an ideal location, situated between Esch-Sur-Alzette and Luxembourg: real easy access at the heart of Europe.

From Luxembourg City
From the Luxembourg train station
From Findel Airport

Within reach of the A4 motorway as with major junctions to France (A3), Belgium (A6) and Germany (A1), AM BANN is truly at the epicentre of a communication web.

Bus routes take you to and from both the Luxembourg central station in 10’ or the airport in a mere 20’ journey.

A new direct and fast tram line will connect Luxembourg City to Belval and vice versa, every 7 minutes at rush hour with potential stop in Leudelange.

Cycle paths are planned to ensure safe access to Buzz by bicycle.

A new concept

Buzz architectural signature rests on a new vision of connectivity: between people naturally but also between projects and ideas.

The 4-storey buildings all connect with a series of innovative walkways and terraces with vistas. The ground floor has been designed as the starting point to all connections between the buildings. Its giant sized glass bays bring in light, vibrancy, volume and a modern touch.

The working spaces are designed to house equipment at the cutting edge of technology: ultra fast Internet connection, possibility for touchscreens and expression walls to ensure comfort and communication reactivity, intra as well as extra business.

« With Buzz, we are building office spaces of a new era »

Jaspers-Eyers Architects

A smart campus

Buzz is a « smart campus » with ecological intelligence catering to the strictest energy efficiency programs and savings.

Hyper flexible, evolutionary and scalable. The 400 to 16,000 m2 spaces easily adapt to any type of function: Open spaces, meeting rooms, semi or totally sealed offices.

The added abundance of natural light, thanks to floor to ceiling window bays, natural materials, terraces and walkways, bring a sense of well-being and a convivial atmosphere that stimulates exchange.

Work different

Because we do not work today as we did yesterday, Buzz allows for flexible layouts to cater to the many different activities throughout the day and adapt to the new ways of working: Individual or group work, meetings, informal talks, breaks or moments of leisure…

A co-working space, a lounge, a cosy room, providing more relaxed settings for casual meetings and creating an ideal atmosphere for networking could be accommodated.

Buzz is designed to go beyond classical office functionalities . The spaces have been conceived to potentially accomodate a plethora of services aimed at facilitating and enhancing the lives of its occupants. A fitness room, a cafeteria, a gourmet corner and a restaurant with an outdoor terrace, gardens and local shops open every single day could fit in the premises.

The vocation of Buzz is to become a location of life and services for all the actors and more: an extension of the Leudelange social tissue that managed to reinvent its commercial viability while preserving the environment.

Flexible work spaces from412 m2 à 12 933 m2

Totalling 16 530 m2, 4 buildings offer flexible, modular and stimulating work spaces.

An exceptional parking ratio
  • 270 indoor parking spaces available out of a total of 346
  • 12 electric charging stations
  • 15 outdoor parking spaces
  • Bicycle parking lots

Compliance with the highest environmental standards

BUZZ is a smart project that meets the highest environmental standards and ensures maximum comfort to its occupants.
In July 2021, BUZZ obtained the certification SECOCOMFORT – score A and the performance certificate CPE level A-B.

Preview of the potential SMART services

  • Room booking
  • Indoor positioning
  • Workplace finder
  • Personal comfort
  • Smart parking
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Smart security
  • Asset tracking
  • Energy efficiency
  • Delivery management system

Leading construction and equipment

Performances et confort des occupants

  • Classe de performance énergétique : niveau A-B
  • Classe d’isolation thermique : B
  • Certification BREEAM «Very Good» (New Construction 2016)
  • Certification Seco-confort: classe A. L’objectif est d’obtenir un meilleur confort pour les occupants tout en maintenant les coûts de maintenance et d’énergie aussi bas que possible.
  • Prédisposition SMART BUILDING
  • Locaux douches

Sols & plafonds

  • Faux-plafonds actifs réversibles (chaud/froid) à lamelles perforées avec luminaires LED encastrés
  • Faux-plancher surélevé (dalles composites permettant un montage/démontage flexible et aisé)

& ventilation

  • Unités de ventilation à échangeurs thermiques haute performance
  • Chaudières à haut rendement et faibles émissions de Nox
  • Thermostats indépendants

et modularité

  • 4 immeubles de 3.500 à 6.000 m2
  • 4 niveaux de 850 à 1.570 m2
  • Espaces paysagers
  • Trame : 1,35 m


  • 5 ascenseurs d’une capacité de 630 kg (8 personnes)
  • 3 ascenseurs d’une capacité de 1.000 kg (13 personnes)


  • Luminaires basse luminance 500 lux
  • Détecteurs pour variation automatique du niveau lumineux en fonction des apports naturels
  • Capteurs d’absence

Hauteurs libres

  • 2,70 m dans les bureaux des étages
  • 3,20 m dans les bureaux du rez-de-chaussée


  • Parement en béton fibré
  • Triple vitrage haute performance

Collecte d’eau
de pluie

  • Récupération de l’eau de pluie via les toitures vertes pour l’entretien du jardin, le nettoyage et les WC


  • Monitoring par zone pour un confort optimal, incluant le contrôle automatique en temps réel du niveau d’éclairage, de la température et du positionnement des protections solaires


  • 346 emplacements intérieurs dont 12 pourvus de bornes de rechargement pour véhicules électriques
  • 15 emplacements extérieurs
  • + parkings à vélo

Protection solaire

  • Store extérieurs dynamiques
Fidentia, from Grey to green

Fidentia Belux Investments SCA is a company that invests in premium office real estate assets with environmental certificates located in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg.

By investing in architecturally durable real estate, boasting contemporary, flexible spaces and implanted in strategic locations, FBLI maintains its sustainable and responsible investment strategy; creating a positive economic impact for all its partners.

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